Emsco Group 2284 Water Stones Rain Water Collection System For a Green Shack

If you use a green shack, you must collect every drop of water you find. One of the solutions is the water stones rain water collection system. It looks interesting and it is useful. But, you will have to install gutters, because they are needed in order this system to operate. Gutters are easy to make and easy to install. You can even use plastic hoes (big ones). You can connect all gutters into one hose. This will increase their efficiency.
This system has a capacity of 40 gallons. It isn’t much, but it is enough for many people. You will also get a diverter kit that fits a 2, 3 and 4 inch downspout. It also has a durable UV stabilized resin. The weight is just 9.5 pounds. The dimensions are 18. L x 29. x W 3 x H inches. You can use it in the United States. The lid can be opened, so it is practical as well.
The price for the system is just $128. It is cheap but, it is efficient. 40 gallons of water is enough for you. If you live in an area, where there is no enough water, this can be the best system for you. It isn’t designed for this purpose, but it is very cheap, so many people can afford it. There are many other rain water collection systems, but all of them are huge and expensive. Also, they require a lot of space and their installation is complicated. You cannot install them yourself, so you will need to hire a professional. This also increases the cost of these systems.