How to have a complete green shack

Green shack is completely eco-friendly. It has no source of electricity, a power outlet or any other thing. However, it is assumed to be green in color, hence the name green shack. What we want to tell you is that, it is not bound to be green in color and one can easily play with any color. 

When you build a green shack in your backyard, you can paint it with any color you like. The interiors can be painted in a light color to brighten up the area. Similarly, the outer walls can be colored in a color that reflects but is not too staunch. On roof, you can grow plants, bushes or herbs – anything you can easily manage to maintain. On the other side, you can use planters on the outer walls to decorate the area (you can grow herbs in them). 

To make sure that you have enough light source, you can choose solar power lamps and panels. You can also go for a wind generator to have your own source of power.