Make your green shack solar powered

Green shack doesn’t support electricity, so you may have to find interesting ways to get power in the shack to run your appliances and other gadgets. Whether you want to study, cook or use the shack as a leisure place, you can opt the following ways:

•    Use a solar panel on top of the green shack. These panels can easily provide energy  and power for your shack and you can use it for a number of activities.
•    You can use a solar cooker for cooking purposes. The cooker can be easily managed inside the shack. Since a solar cooker is already competent to retain and conduct heat, you can easily cook meals in it.
•    Make large windows in the shack to provide maximum day light. You can use blinds or curtains to manage the amount of light. This is the best way to ensure that you have enough light during day time.

These are several ways to ensure that your green shack is green as well as has enough source of energy.