Solar water heater panel for a green shack

In order to heat water in a green shack, you must have a solar water heater. They are affordable and they are useful. But, you need a solar panel as well. In order to choose the best solar panel, you must pay attention to its weight and dimensions. Many expensive and heavy panels aren’t an option. 

One of the best is EZ-37 Solar water heater panel. It is designed to be very light. In fact, this model has a weight of just 12 pounds. It is easy to install and it is very durable. The dimensions are 12x12 ft. The glazing is polycarbonate twinwall, which means that it is unbreakable. This is very important. You need a panel that can resist to harsh weather conditions. This product also has the aluminum frame and backing. You must know that the maximum equilibrium temperature depends of the panel area. For example, in order to hear 300 gallons, you will need 6-8 panels. This is a lot of water and it isn’t recommended for a green shack. One or two panels are wise option.

There are some drawbacks. This panel doesn’t have a Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC), so it cannot be used in most states. But, if you live in an area where you can use it, it is still the best choice. Also, 7xs panel connections can be vulnerable. But, the price is just $128. For this money it is the best alternative. Because it is so light, it is the best choice for a green shack or other smaller spaces.