Why we should opt for Green Shack?

In our life, we are fully occupied with our day-to-day work and commitments. Due to lack of time, people are unable to utilize the benefits of Green Shacks. Somehow, if they come across their efficacy, then they can’t resist it at all. The profits of this hidden treasure are as given below:-
•    Cost Effectiveness: - As green shacks are very cheap, practically anybody can afford it. It is easy to set up a green shack by acquiring basic knowledge of construction.
•    No-Maintenance Required: - Maintenance only consists of painting your Green shack as per your taste. Replacement of panel is only required in case of any accident.
•    Add vertical gardens: - Not only will it beautify your place but you can also grow food here, preferably organic food for your use.
•    Free Storage: - Green shack acts as a free storage place for you, strategically it will free space in your home.