A Million Dollar Home Is On The Market – Any Buyers?

The home of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie was recently put on the market for almost 4 million dollars. However, sources say the home is definitely worth it. To start, it is located in the heart of Hollywood where start can be seen coming and going all day long. Secondly, the outside of the home is amazing and has been taken care of to the highest degree. The backyard has a built-in kitchen with a stove, sink, and table and chairs. The inside has an amazing sky-dome. This home also includes five bedrooms and four bathrooms. All of the rooms are spacious, and there will be free things in every room left behind by Joel and Nicole. 

So fascinated with the home, reporters forgot to speak with Joel and Nicole about their plans. No one really knows where this couple is going with their children. Certain sources say they are going to move in the same neighborhood as Cameron Diaz. This is because Nicole and Cameron are very good friends. 

There will be much more information coming forth in the near future. For now, the question of who will buy their home remains. They are hoping some will buy it soon because they are living as if the home has already been sold. They also want to get everything over regarding paperwork and the like. They just want to move on with their lives and move into a new residence. They believe the worst thing in the world is to be in the waiting position, especially regarding a multimillion-dollar home.