How to sell your house

If you want to start your own family, or you just want to move in the big house, you must sell your old one! The first thing you must know about selling, is that you don’t dictate terms, you just follow them. This means, you cannot sell your home when you want. You should wait for the perfect moment, in which you can make a profit. This is linked to your neighborhood, local economy and local employment. If you don’t pay attention to these ‘’details’’, well you must start.

There are some things you must do to increase the value of your house! The first and basic thing is plant a tree! I know, it sounds non-effective, but homes and areas with a lot of trees near them are more expensive. A few trees in front of your house, can increase the property value up to 20%. Sounds good? Well, it is, and it is cheap to do. Those areas have lower crime rates, so it is safer, and buyers want this! Other improvements are related to your house directly.

Paint is the cheapest solution to make your home glow. You can do it all by yourself. Paint front door. This is the first thing a potential buyer notice when comes to see your house. If front door looks perfect, he will think the whole house is like that.

Replace all your rugs as well. When they are new, they have that unique smell, so buyers will think that you maintained your home properly. If there is something to fix, do it before you put it on the market. Even an easy fix can reduce your property value up to 5%.