Moving to Hawaii

Hawaii, one word to describe it - paradise. It is a place where you think nothing goes wrong, where you can only relax and enjoy and forget about all your troubles.
Of course there are those who would never consider buying a house there, well if you are not in that group, and you want to move there, here are some information.

What you need to know before you decide to start a new life there, is that living in Hawaii is not affordable for those who don't have enough money. The prices have been compared to the prices in New York for example.

If you decide to buy a real estate in Hawaii, it is just like buying real estate anywhere else in the world.
You of course have to pay your mortgage and tax obligations. Home prices are not cheap and are rising, because sellers are constantly receiving different offers. That's why they are using that opportunity to raise prices.
For example on the Oahu rock, prices has risen in the past five years. Current prices are around 690,000 US dollars, and some economists believe that it will rise by 2020, and then it will be probably around one million.

One of the most expensive houses in Hawaii was 6191 Hauaala Rd ( Kauai ). The price of this house in 2012 was 25 million US dollars. Not much, huh ?
Then you have 3580 Anini Rd ( Kauai ) and the price of this home in 2012 was 24 million US dollars.
Of course these are examples of extremely expensive places. If you decide to move there, we are sure that you will be able to buy one for several hundred thousand.