Neverland Up for Sale for USD 100 Million

Neverland Ranch, which once belonged to Michael Jackson, is up for sale for staggering USD 100 million. The ranch, located outside Santa Barbara, was bought by a firm which renovated the property. The theme park is no longer there, and neither are elephants nor monkey Bubbles. The property once served the purpose of fun park, but has now been transformed into a 2700-acre grand estate. The name also changed – the property is no longer called Neverland. It is now called Sycamore Valley Ranch. That is actually the old name of the property which changed to Neverland when Michael Jackson bought the property in 1980s. The price was then USD 19.5 million. 

The property is now home to an odd llama or two, man-made lakes and water features and picturesque hills. Some parts of the history remained in place though – for instance, the firm renovated a clock made from flowers. Fans have been warned that “extensive prequalification” is going to be required for property viewers, and that no tours will be given. If you happen to have USD 100 million and decide to buy former Neverland, you will get 22 structures in total. The most prominent of them is definitely the main house, spreading across 12,000 square feet. It has six bedrooms and help quarters. There are also two guest houses, one two-bedroom and one four-bedroom.