Problems Faced by Renters

Nowadays, an increasing number of people prefer to rent a house for many different reasons. Some people find it more affordable, especially those people who do not have adequate budget to allow themselves to buy their dream home. For other people, it has the benefit of living close to the luxuries and the lifestyle they are after, while some choose to do so to avert the headaches that come with owning a house like maintenance issues.

A house can be rented by different kinds of people right from bachelors and single parents to families and couples. But it is not always easy being a renter as there are different challenges that have to be dealt with. A survey by a real estate site showed that more that 59.7 percent renters are devastated for not being able to make different changes to the property in which they are living. These changes include putting nails in the walls, installing a wall mount TV or adding another phone line.44.1 percent renters say that they are annoyed by the property managers who do not respond to their issues while 37.8 percent hate their owners because of rules and restrictions regarding pets.

One of the major issues faced by renters is the lack of pet-friendly rental units, especially for those people who like to raise pets in their own houses. According to latest reports there is an increasing demand for apartments that allow pets. At present, only 10 percent of rental properties in the entire country claim to be pet friendly.