Real Estate Language

When entering into the real estate market, it is very important to learn the terms which are usually used by the market players to effectively communicate, negotiate and close deals. You do not want to be left behind in business conversations or miss out on important information that can prove to be useful in making vital investment decisions.

The real estate language is different in different countries. Real estate makes use of different terms to describe the variety of house types irrespective of the scales, designs, styles and spatial arrangements of the houses. Rooms of size 3mx3m which do not have the facilities of bedrooms and toilets are called single rooms. While rooms which are larger than single rooms and are equipped with the facilities of bathroom and kitchens are known as bedsitters. Flats consist of a high rise housing unit that normally has four to six stories and is located in the middle class neighborhood.

Bungalows are single level housing units with separate large compounds and are usually without any upper rooms. Similarly a duplex is a type of house which has two different entrances for different occupants. Most duplexes are split horizontally. An en-suite is a type of house that has various bedrooms and each bedroom has its own bathroom. Finally a mansion relates to a large sized unit occupying a wide spread portion of land. It includes a very big compound as well as a farm and has a large number of bedrooms normally between six and twenty.