Realtors Warn Home Buyers Over Bad Deals In Alberta

Potential home-buyers in Alberta have been warned by realtors on dozens of incredible online listings of homes that are distressed and foreclosed in Alberta.

According to the realtors, the online listings that have been made on popular online site, Kijiji by HomeForSale 66. The realtor added that there is no record that shows that HomeForSale 66 has been registered in Alberta or even Calgary. 

While speaking about the whole issue Charles Steveson, a Real Estate Council in Alberta, said that, “If one is looking at representing someone else in a certain trade then that person should first be registered and have with him/her a valid brokerage license.” 

In their about company page, HomeForSale 66, claims to be a proud registered member of the Real Estate Council of Canada, something that the realtors disagree with as there is no record to prove their claims. 

The Real Estate Council went on further and stated that, “They have been made aware of the issue in particular the “HomeForSale66” and they are looking into it. According to reliable reports, the company “HomeForSale66” is actually not licensed to engage in any real estate trade in Alberta nor the people who work or associated with “HomeForSale66.”

The realtors also went on to state that all the ads that the company has listed are for homes that are distressed or foreclosed adding that the low prices are way below the market value in their respective neighborhoods.  

To sum it all up Stevenson reminded everyone that, “the country is in a Real Estate that is very brisk especially in Alberta.”  
“So If somebody is selling you a house that is actually 10 to 30 percent the original market value then you should know that something is up.