Are there Apps for Traffic Updates and Warnings?

We all would like to avoid being stuck in traffic. Thanks to technology, several apps are now available to help you get around by providing you with information on your preferred routes and help you avoid traffic by showing you alternative routes.

 Here are four apps that work for this purpose.

Beat the Traffic

This app shows you the traffic you might encounter very clearly. It has a user interface that makes you enjoy using it.

Beat The Traffic is free for both Android and iOS operating systems. It is only available in Canada and the United States.


Waze has a social approach to navigating and mapping that makes it fun to use. Like Beat the Traffic, it is free for Android and iOS which enables it to have so many users across the globe.

You can also report incidents and accidents that occur along the routes which other users and law enforcement will be able to see on their maps.

Waze allows you to save your home and work addresses. It also suggests to you a different route if it notices a less congested route.


Inrix collects traffic data and provides you with routes to use as you commute. It is a free app for Android and iOS.

This app allows you to save routes that you frequently use. It also gives you traffic alerts and estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the selected destinations.

Another cool feature is that you could key in the time in which you would want to arrive at your destination and the app will suggest a time that you should begin your commute to make it on time.


This app is not as sophisticated as the above three. It works to provide you with the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for as many locations as you wish to know.

Beating traffic is no longer a hustle as it used to be. Take advantage of these apps to get accurate updates in real time.