Balance of cargo stolen in the last 3 moths

The numbers are in and they are not looking good for cargo carriers who have lost $18 million worth of cargo. CargoNet – trail monitoring and security service - is in charge of these numbers and they have reported that from October to December 2014 the value of all cargo stolen all over the United States amounts to a staggering $18 million.
As per CargoNet analysis there were 181 incidents and over half of them – 55% - happened during the weekends. As a joke on the side, you can almost say that people organizing the heists have day jobs. California was the busiest state with 39 of the 181 hits, next was Texas with 31 and Florida with 26. It is clearly visible that more than half of the thefts happened in only three states.
One of the surprising entries on this list is Pennsylvania – number 7 with 9 incidents – where over $1.5 million worth of cargo was stolen these past three months. CargoNet declared in statement that the wave of activity seen in Pennsylvania is due to crime groups from other states, especially Florida, who venture inland. Also from experience CargoNet says that the cargo stolen is usually sold before it being reported.
From a volume perspective, the most targeted transports are those carrying food and beverage – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. These thefts make up 24% of the total volume of hits. Valuewise electronics are the top pick, with 25 cargos of electronics being lost, each with values over $400,000.