China in transition

Just a few decades ago, China was an almost unknown country. Nobody has mentioned it, and nobody wanted to live there. The only famous thing about China was Chinese wall! Today, things are very different. China is a strong and powerful country. Thousands of companies move their production in China, because a cheap work force! This had a positive effect on a country. They developed and started making their own products.

As you probably know, the iPhone is made in china. This is not just because cheap work force. When Apple wanted to make iPhone 3, they wanted special glass that will be scratch resistant. In the US, factory that makes this glass needs 2 days to produce and transport it to the Apple factory. In China, they do this in 12 hours! In the US is needed several days to get the permission for making a new factory. In China they do this in 12 hours. So, these were just some of the reasons why Apple is producing their products in China. This decision followed many manufacturers. Almost every manufacturer moved their production into this country, or have open a new factory.

The Chinese economy is making progress as well. Before 20 years they make a small cars that were unreliable, ugly and unpractical. Today Chinese cars can be compared with European or American cars. The same thing is in digital devices area. A few years ago Chinese mobile phones were almost impossible to use, now, their latest smartphones are rivals to the Apple’s and Samsung’s models! Interesting facts is that they made a huge progress in 20 years, who knows what are they going to achieve in the near future!