Investigation of New Jersey moving trains’ doors flying open.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of riding NJ Transit, now may not be the best time to give it a shot.


After numerous reports about doors opening while the trains were running, NJ Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder has confirmed 11 separate incidents between New Year Day and February 7.


Per NJ Transit officials, they’ve since investigated each of the 11 incidents. Luckily, the majority occurred when the train was stopped.


Not all, though.


At least one of the scarier incidents was caught on video. In it, one half of the sliding doors opens while the train is above ground and moving at full speed. To make matters worse, the train was fairly crowded forcing many passengers to be standing in the area around the door. That unexpected opening happened on a train leaving Penn Station in New York.


NJ Transit did issue a procedure for any future incidents:


“On the rare occasion this should occur while the train is in motion, crew members will immediately stop the train and report the matter. The train will be safely moved to the next station and cancelled; the door will be manually locked out and protected by a crew member; or, customers will be moved to another car.”


Perhaps the likeliest culprit behind the issues is the rash of bad weather seen in the mid-Atlantic during the first part of the year. Extreme cold temperatures, snow, and ice have been common in the forecast. That could have led to problems with the electrical components within the train doors.