JTA See and Say for smartphones

The JTA See and Say is an application developed by Elerts Corporation that enables riders to safely report any security concerns to the police. Users of the mobile application can send photos, text, six-second videos, and the location of any suspicious person or activity. 

According to developers, the "See Something Say Something" mobile app is effectually increasing transit safety by providing safe communication between riders and the transit police.  

Benefits of the "See Something Say Something" mobile app

Elerts Corporation has listed some of the benefits of the mobile application, focusing on safety and ease of use. 

  • Other than installing the mobile app from the store, there is no other hardware or installation needed.
  • It works in a low-bandwidth environment.  This can be especially useful if a suspicious activity is detected in a tunnel, for instance. 
  • No new technology is required, just the same old phone you have. 
  • It increases awareness and has the potential of reducing situations as a deterrent. 
  • The app is intuitive and easy to use. 

How does the Mobile App Work

Whenever a rider sees suspicious activity, it could be an assault, robbery, a medical emergency, etc.; they just need to open the app. It opens a menu where you can make the selection of what it is that you are reporting.  You can take a picture or send a short video.  This information will be sent to the police in real time.

The application also allows you to directly call 911. Information is quickly sent to transit police in order for them to act quickly. The police also receive automatic information on where the incident is taking place thanks to the app sending the location. If you were to take a photo of an incident or suspicious activity, the application automatically shuts down your camera's flash.