More than 150000 traffic deaths occur yearly in India

India has been named as having the highest number of traffic deaths in the world. Most of the accidents are due to the congestion on the roads by motorists as well as hawkers on pavements, hand-driven carts, pedestrians, bicycles, bullock drays, and rickshaws.

Why so many traffic deaths

In addition to the unnecessary congestion, most motorists in India do not take the safety traffic precautions seriously. It is common to see people riding motorbikes without wearing a helmet or worse still, a motorcycle carrying more than two people. Most people ignore the use of seat belts entirely yet so many lives could be saved if such precautionary measures were taken.

Almost 39% of the traffic deaths recorded are a result of cyclists, bikers, and pedestrians. Most of these victims are adults aged 25-65. More and more people in India lose their lives in road fatalities every year according to the research statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau. Estimates show that a road accident occurs every minute in India.

Most developed countries have managed to decrease the number of traffic deaths through implementing strict traffic measures and expanding the roads. It is a matter of concern that this might not be the remedy for India because, even as the Indian government works towards road expansions, projections show that the number of car owners and motorists will increase to over five million. By the year 2050, the country will have topped the world with an estimated 611 million motorists on the roads.

What can be done

If not all, most of these traffic mishaps can be avoided if the Indian government comes up with stricter measures to deal with those who break the traffic laws and regulations. India lacks strict rules on drunk driving, yet 70% of the road deaths are caused by drunken motorists. Introduction of heftier fines could make the country more observant of the safety traffic measures.