The safest airlines in 2015

Airplanes are the best way of transportation. In just a couple of hours, we can travel to the other side of the planet. Although, in general, more people die in car accidents than in plane crashes, many people are afraid of flying. Because of this you should know which airlines are the safest for traveling.
1.    The safest airline is Qantas. It was founded in 1920 and it is the largest international and domestic airline in Australia. The full name is the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. The best thing about this air company is their fatality free record in the jet era. It is also accepted as the airline for the most experience.
2.    Air New Zealand was chosen as the 2015 airline of the year by the This is their second consecutive year for their, financial performance, in-flight innovations, operational safety and motivation of their staff. Besides all this, they pay a lot of attention on the environment. 
3.    Singapore Airlines is the best airline, according to the Business Insider. They are known for efficient operations and high-quality service. They haven’t had accident since 2000.
4.    The national airline of Finland, Finnair, isn’t very popular, but it is one of the safest airlines in the world. This carrier is located in Helsinki and it has one of the best safety records among all airlines. They didn’t have a major accident since 1960s.
5.    One of the biggest carriers in Europe is British Airways. Since their formation in 1974, they have had only one fatal crash, in 1976. But they had some minor accidents in recent years.