Thinking about visiting Tokyo? In Tokyo, Luxury Travel Soars to New Heights

The Mandarin Oriental, one of Tokyo’s top luxury hotels, just launched a new package combining two of Japan’s most desirable tourist attractions. Because it is so unique, flawless, and saves so much time, the “Helicopter Flycation” may be of great interest to visitors.

The package basically combines accommodations in Tokyo, one of the world’s greatest tourism cities, with a private helicopter tour of iconic Mount Fuji. Likely the subject of more artistic representation than any other mountain on earth, Mt. Fuji is the idealized volcano, what a child would draw if handed a pastel and asked to depict one.It’s one of the world’s top natural wonders, yet seeing it close up usually involves an entire day trip from Tokyo, with hours of train and vehicle commute – each way. Not anymore.

Mandarin guests board a Hermès Edition Eurocopter and fly from Tokyo over the shoreline of Sagami Bay and Lake Ashinoko to Mt. Fuji, enjoying close-up views of the mountain before returning. A national treasure locally known as Fuji-san, Mount Fuji is 12,380 feet high, a UNESCO world legacy site and the country’s national symbol. As an added bonus, guests get absurd eagle eye views of one of the most energetic and enthralling metropolises on earth, complete with a close-up of Tokyo’s SkyTree, the world’s tallest tower.