Transition in Russia

As you know, today Russia is a Federal Republic with a constitution that was passed in 1993. The president of the country is Vladimir Putin. Russia’s people elect their president every 6 years. It wasn’t always like this! Russia had to make many changes during the history so it moves from kingdom to Soviet Union and finally to the republic. The process of transition was used for improvement in spheres like politics, economy and society. When Russia was a communist country, it had undeveloped industry a high rate of un-employment and basically people had a bad life! The economy was developed only in the Moscow and any kind of improvements in other parts of the country were impossible!

During its transformation, Russia made many improvements that make life in this country a much better. People get a chance to vote and to elect their president, which had a limited power. He worked together with a prime minister and the parliament. Finally people could have private companies, which means they had a bigger freedom in making business decisions! They also had a bigger motivation for making a progress which is linked to higher profit.

The privatization of enterprises led to higher salaries and lower un-employment rates! All this was important for making a life in Russia much better.

Russia is the biggest country in the world and one of the richest. Without transition, it will be a poor country with a poor economy and undeveloped industry. Today, it is a country where many people want to start their new life! Russia is still making many improvements that are linked to better economy and business development.