Transition on the Balkan

There are good countries, there are bad and there are some countries who are trying to improve its economy and life standard. Many countries are in transition right now, it would be impossible to write about all of them. Just one of them is Serbia, a small country on the Balkan. It is a very problematic country. Problems are territory, standard and criminal. In the last few years there were several elections and many different governments. Although, they are trying to improve quality of life, it is not working. Every day people are being fired, prices go high and educated people are leaving this country. Every year 32.000 young and educated young people are moving from Serbia to other European countries, mostly in Germany, Austria and Sweden. People who are leaving are usually doctors, engineers and medical staff.

The government is trying to improve standard, but it is not working. Monthly income is even lower than last year and even more people are without jobs. The situation is bad! Maybe the main reason why governments in Serbia or in similar countries cannot improve quality of life in these countries, are their selfish desires! Many politicians are having expensive houses, sports cars and their own company, and why would they care for someone else. My point is that 90% of politicians are working in politics for their personal gain. And that caused bad governments and even worse quality of life. In Serbia last year was several ‘’problematic’’ actions of these politicians. Many of them were accused of stealing money or abusing their position in a government. There was one example where a politician got money to cover expenditures for traveling 50km to work. In just one year he took $100.000.