Union Station Go Transit shuts down platforms in August

Union Station has started what they are calling their Revitalization Project. This prompted Go Transit to shut down platforms 11 and 13 on August 10.  Go Transit website had clearly listed the changes that were taking place. Commuters were also asked to keep an eye out for the new platforms during the weekdays.

The statement on the Go Transit website was this: “On August 10, many weekday trains departing from Union Station will use different platforms. This is because we’re working on the next phase of the Union Station Revitalization Project, which involves refurbishing the steel train shed structure and then installing a new roof on top of it. To do this work, we’ll be closing platforms 11 to 13 and the tracks that serve them, meaning we have to find different locations for our trains to line up in the station.”

The new schedules and a map are included on the website.  The Revitalization Project includes a new roof installation, and a new glass atrium, totaling 30,000 square meters. The project will have a total cost of $640 million.  The work is projected to be done by 2017-2018.

However, not only were the mentioned platforms closed. The Bay Concourse is undergoing major renovations as well with new stairways, elevators, and more retail options. Therefore, it is being closed temporarily. 

Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins said about the shutting down of the platforms, “It’s more than we’ve ever done at once. It has as big impact on a lot of customers.”

“If you haven’t checked ahead, you’re going to come tonight and perhaps your train is going to be on a different platform and you’re going to be scrambling at the last moment and we’re trying to avoid that,” she added.