What are the Means of Transport

We all know that travelling is a basic necessity of life. Although different people travel for different reasons. There are certain modes of Transport which a person can use to travel. Air, Land and Water are the three most important means by which travelling can be done. Travelling by Air includes Aero planes, Helicopters etc. This is one of the costlier and fastest means of travelling. Mostly used by business class people or people who don’t have time to travel and want to reach somewhere urgently.

Although this kind of travel is a bit costlier but the facilities provided by them are remarkable and everyone wants to experience this travel once in a lifetime. Many Airline Companies are offering discounts and special packages which have made people to think of travelling by Air. Second is Land Transport .It includes travelling by Motorcycle, Car, Bus, and Train etc. In terms of Land methods, travelling by Train is the cheapest and most comfortable one for your friends and family group. You can travel long distance from one place to another without driving any motorcycle or car or travelling by bus. Bus can be used for short distances only. Third mode of Transport being Water which includes Ships, Boats, sails etc moving on bed of water like sea, ocean, lake, canal or river.This means is rarely used nowadays. Although some people use it for transporting large quantities of non-perishable goods. But this takes time and patience as the route is very long.