What information can you find on 660 News Traffic?

660 News Traffic is an all-news radio from Calgary that provides a range of live traffic news updates. The traffic news comes from a variety of sources including the traffic cams around Calgary, various direct calls to the station, and their free-to-dial *660 or #660 on the Rogers network. These traffic updates can be categorized as follows:

Traffic Information on road accidents

660 News traffic is quick to broadcast accidents that occur along the routes in Calgary. This is important to motorists as they can know the specific lanes that have closed and, therefore, maneuver a way through.

Latest weather updates

The weather updates in Calgary are given every 10 minutes. These updates are especially crucial during severe road situations, such as a combination of blowing and drifting snow, harsh wind, ice, and rain. Weather updates allow motorists to make informed decisions about their travels.

Updates on road congestion (Traffic jam)

It is everybody’s wish to avoid getting caught up in traffic. 660 News traffic has been instrumental in giving live information on the congestion levels on the roads. This allows motorists to select alternative routes to work, home, or elsewhere.

Breaking News

660 News Traffic also delivers breaking news as soon as it happens. People want to stay informed regardless of whether they are on the road or at home. The breaking news segment has enabled Calgary's residents to stay in the know of all happenings in the area.

Highway and traffic reports.

Information on road closures and detours as a result of construction, roadwork, and special events are among the reports you might get from 660 News traffic.