What you should know before traveling to Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country in the Central Europe. The architecture and terrain in the country are very beautiful, so it has a lot of tourists every year. Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. The size of the country is 20,273 km² and it has 1.992.000 citizens. The country code is +386. The number for the emergencies is 112, for the police is 113. Slovenia is a member of the Schengen Agreement, NATO and the European Union.

Because it is a member of the Schengen Agreement, you don’t need a visa in order to visit Slovenia. However, citizens from some countries must have a visa in order to enter into the country. Before going, it is a smart decision to check with your embassy, do you need a visa for Slovenia.

You can get by a plane. The main airport is the Ljubljana Airport. There are good connections to the major cities in Europe. You can get by a bus. The main bus station is the Ljubljana Bus Station. There is a good connection between Ljubljana and Trieste.  If you want to come by a train, you should know that there are direct lines to the Vienna, Zagreb and Budapest. 
Slovenian is the official language. 91% of the population speak this language. 4.5% speak Serbo-Croatian. Younger people understand English, but elderly don’t. They may understand German or Serbo-Croatian. 

The official currency is the euro. The prices are high. For example, a beer cost 50% more in Ljubljana than in shops around the city. The prices are even higher than is some other countries, members of the European Union. The value-added tax of 22% is charged on many products.